The very BEST thing I did for our family postpartum was ask Crimson to encapsulate our placenta. She really knows her stuff and, after meeting with her ...beforehand, I just knew I had made the right decision. She taught me so much in a short amount of time and, after the birth of my son Luke, she was so easy to work with and so fast ~ I was able to start taking my capsules almost immediately. And I especially loved how she kept checking in on me to see how I was doing! And I was (am) doing great: steady supply of milk and zero baby blues - zero. Crimson is the whole package: incredibly knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and so friendly ... if you are pregnant or have a friend who is, call Crimson Walton with Placenta Natural. She's amazing, and you need this in your life!

Amy ~ Wilmington, NC  ~  1st baby!

Karen ~ Wilmington, NC  ~  2nd baby!

I cannot express how grateful I am that I made the decision to encapsulate my placenta!
My birth did not go as planned so I REALLY needed the benefits of its healing and restorative powers. I feel not only did it help me through such an emotional time but I had an abundance of milk and energy.
Crimson was such a joy to work with! She made sure I was able to start taking my capsules as soon as possible. She was knowledgeable and professional yet super personable. I clicked with her immediately and knew I wanted her to be the person to handle something so special!

I can't imagine not having had my placenta to help me!

Tami ~ Wilmington, NC ~ 2nd Baby!

This postpartum time has been totally different for me in every way! Thank you so much Crimson!

I have not felt this balanced hormonally since before I had Koa, almost 4 years ago! It's been amazing to feel back to my sane self, and I have so much energy! The only drawback is that I have so much energy that I have to force myself to rest because I feel so great! The extra energy is so great. It helps with my coping with sleep deprivation from night feedings. The work you do is so important. I wish every mom took placenta pills because it would help them so much. With my first baby I cried almost every day for probably a year and this time around I don't even have the normal baby "blues".

Tori ~ Wilmington, NC ~ 1st Baby!

Crimson is AMAZING!!! Her story is real and she is real!! Very thorough in teaching you all the beautiful benefits of placenta encapsulation for both you and your baby!! I am now 2 weeks PP and I have SO much energy and feel amazing!!!! It's almost unreal and I would have never guessed in a million years I'd feel this great after giving birth! My baby is happy and healthy and breastfeeding is going so great!!! Thank you Crimson for sharing your story and knowledge and making my PP experience one I never thought I'd have. If you're questioning doing this please DO IT!!! I promise you will not regret it.